Let's start Breakfast with freshly squeezed Orange Juice, homemade breads, local fruits to Smoothies and Omelettes any way you like them…our breakfast is a great way to start the day! Our cook makes the finest made-to-order breakfast.

Our Restaurant is open for breakfast; lunch and dinner can be provided by ordering from various restaurants in the area. 

We will set the table and set drinks for you! Providing you a very private and quiet dinner.


Option 1 - Tipico Costa Rican

Pinto, eggs, potatoes, pico de gallo and toasted baguette

Option 2 - Canadiense

Omelette (ham, cheese, onion, sweet pepper) pan fried potatoes, pico de gallo, toasted baguette

Option 3 - Frances

Choice of French toast, pancakes, or waffles

Option 4 - Europeo

Toasted baguette with small fruit plate.

Option 5 - Yogi

Granola with yogurt or milk


Daily  7:00 am  – 10:00 am


yoga &


If you wish to pamper yourself, we can help you find the best local wellness options or arrange for an in-room spa experience.

Private Massage, Private individual and Private Group yoga is available on request:

-Sport Massage

-Deep Tissue

-Surf Conditioning

-Cardio Endurance

-Barre Fitness

-Core Strengthening

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The dry season in the northwest corner of Costa Rica is very pronounced. To minimize water loss during this period of drought, woodland trees such as the Guanacaste – the national tree of Costa Rica, the startlingly red flowered flamboyant, and the ‘naked Indian’ or gumbo-limbo, shed their leaves.

Such deciduous dry forests are scarce in the tropics and can be very good for wildlife viewing, particularly when the leaves are off the trees. Howler monkey, white-headed Capuchin monkey, coati, green and black iguanas, tamandua, agouti, blue jay, toucan and long-tailed manakin can all be seen quite readily, along with some truly stunning trees and flowers. 

An endless natural environment to explore by walking early morning, renting a bike for a ride, taking a tour in the mangroves, or maybe going a little further to explore Palo Verde. We can help you explore nature and beyond!